ESTRO 620 extruder

Main features

ESTRO 620 extruder, Main features: The portable wire extruder ESTRO 620 is designed and manufactured for welding with 3-4 mm diameter welding rod for plastic materials such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and PVDF.

Renewed model that replaces ESTRO 600; features a new screw that makes it more efficient, a new design designed for a better heat dissipation for burn prevention, a new 360° rotatable welding shoe holder with the integrated hot air nozzle for the material pre-heating. Furthermore, the handle can also be rotated for a better position during welding operations.

In addition, the drill motor activates the feeding of the rod which occurs automatically and allows the melting of the same into the extrusion chamber. The extruded material will be shaped by the PTFE welding show accordingly to your needs.

Anologue thermometer for checking the extruded material temperature.

ESTRO 620 stands out for its extreme lightness and ease of use, which make it particularly suitable for working in difficult positions and for carrying out repairs.

It is available both in the version with heating only (ESTRO 620D, requires an external air source) and in the version with integrated blower (Estro 620T).

It is supplied with a shoe for welding plates at 90° and a straight shoe that can be shaped according to your needs.

Technical data

Welding materials PE, PP
Welding rod diameter d. 3 and 4mm
Output range 1.7 – 2.0 Kg/h
Blower YES/NO
Extruder weight 5.8Kg
Dimensions cm 60x31x25h
Standard voltage 230V - 50Hz
Power consumption 2.31kW - 10.3A

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