Our  supplies include the products specified in our invoice and are governed by the following Terms and Conditions which the Customer declares to understand and to accept, except for possible derogation’s stated in an explicitly written agreement. In particular, all foreign supplies
will be governed by INCOTERMS, as defined by the International Chamber of Commerce.
To prevent regrettable misunderstandings, it’s advisable to refer to the nomenclature and codes of our price list for the identification of our products.
Pipe and/or sheets material and standard must be specified as well as Voltage, Frequency and particular electrical standard required.
For orders involving a net amount of less than: Euro 500,00 ,we will charge for partial recovery of the handling cost   Euro 50,00
Prices will be those in force at the time when the order was placed, except in case of forward delivery, in latter case, the prices in force at the time of shipment will be invoiced. Our price list include standard packing. Special packing, if required by the Customer, will be charge at cost price.
Delivery is intended Free Your or Our Italian Forwarder  Warehouse and is normally given in our order confirmation. The anticipated delivery terms for urgent items will be indicated, but these will be in no way binding our firm. If these delivery schedule cannot be kept for any reason whatsoever, the Purchaser can cancel the order only if delivery exceeds two months from the anticipated delivery date stated in our order confirmation.
If the mode of shipment is not specifically indicated by the Customer, shipment will be effected as deemed most suitable by us. Even if the goods are sold free to destination, their transport will be at the Customer’s  risk. Insurance coverage will be only effected if specifically requested by the Customer.
The Customer cannot, for any reason whatsoever, defer payments beyond the established dated. Furthermore, we shall be fully entitled to charge the interests in arrears on any and all delayed payments. These interests will be based upon the discount rate in force at that time in Italy.
Unless otherwise specified, payment shall be made by cash in advance or by opening of an irrevocable, confirmed and payable on Italian Bank letter of Credit at Sight
The products supplied by us will remain our property until fully paid for.
We guarantee the good quality of our products, in compliance with the specifications publicised in our literature. However our guarantee is limited to the repair and/or replacement of our materials with the exception of all the electrical and electronic components; excluding any other liability, in particular for damages caused in any way whatsoever utilisation of our products.
This guarantee terminates and will be no longer valid:
– One year after the delivery of the material in question
– If the material is used in other way than the operating conditions specified by us.
– If the material are modified by people not belonging to our Company. On this subject,
it’s   should be noted that the Purchaser will incur all liabilities provided by Law
for any modification of our products
We shall be duly informed about any accidents in which our products are involved and such accidents shall be reported to us immediately and within 24 hours of their occurrence.
Only complaints/claims reaching us by registered  letter within 60 days after invoicing date will be taken into consideration. In particular, we will not accept any materials returned to us, unless their reshipment has been duly authorised by our appropriate executive.
Any disputes which cannot be amicably settled or settled by a court of arbitration, shall be handled by the Court of Genoa which will have jurisdiction.
Our technical and Commercial Services are available to all our Customers to provide any information on the characteristic and application of our products.


The above General Terms and Conditions make all previous condition null and void and they may be changed without previous notice