SDI Reducing Tees Fabrication Machines

Manual and Hydraulic operated butt welding suitable for Reducing Tees fabrication , by means of using two different systems
First one is to weld a smaller pipe into the main pipe by using concav and conves bushes especially designed for this purpose
sthree clamps repairing machines suitable for PE,PP,PVDF and other thermoplastic materials pipes and fittings.

The second one is the MKM ® System ,The simplest and most economical way for making derivation joints in PP and/or PP pipes.
Simplicity in use with the use of a bench welding machine the joint is brought into contact with the pipe and welded perfectly. Thanks to the elliptical shape the welding is performed in an even manner over the entire surface.
Reduction of stocks from now onwards the size of the stocks in the warehouse can be reduced by up to 80% thanks to the simplified shape of the derivation joints.
High standard of strength laboratory test done on the derivation welds have demonstrated a very high strength in conformity with international standards.
Applications in various fields irrigation, solar heating, low-temperature heating, refrigeration systems, aqueducts, chemical industries and transport of liquids under pressure.

MKM ® is patented


ITS – Tecnodue. offers several solutions of machines suitable for jthe above Reducing Tees  fabrication
The hydraulic operated machines expressly studied for the MKM fittings in large diameter, several models available covering a range of main pipe up to 1200mm.

SDI 630


SDI 315
Main Pipe Range            90mm  – 315mm
Derivation Range           63mm  – 160mm
Voltage                               230V 50Hz
Power comsumption       2,0 KW , 1o A

SDI 630
Main Pipe Range            355mm  – 630mm
Derivation Range             90mm  – 315mm
Voltage                               230V 50Hz
Power comsumption       4,5 KW , 21 A

SDI 1200
Main Pipe Range            250mm  – 1200mm
Derivation Range            160mm  – 315mm
Voltage                               400V 50Hz
Power comsumption       6,7 KW , 36 A



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