CNC operated butt welding machine suitable for PE,PP,PVDF and other thermoplastic materials pipes and fittings.
The CNC control provide the following main functions:
– Assist the operator during the welding cycle
– Check and control the welding parameters during the welding cycle
– At the end of welding cycle print the welding report
While set up the welding data and positioned the pieces to be welded , the CNC control will carry on the welding cycle
The Welding data to be set up are: Material Type , Diameter , Wall Thickness or SDR , Welding Standard  ( DVS, ISO , WIS , ISO HP , etc )
The  database related to the welding can be transfer to a PC by means of using the Software supplied
The pivoting clamps allow the construction of segmented (lobster back) bends in different radius.
By means of the adjustable cross slide on the fixed trolley it’s possible to have always the perfect alignment.
The electric facing tool as well has the cross slide adjustable in order to mill always into the pipe’s centre.
These machines can be supplied ( on request ) with Tees and Crosses Devices for fabrication of 45° , 60° , 90° Tees.
Machines , according to CE specifications.

PL 500 cnc

Welding Range Saldatura dritta, curve, fittings 250 – 500 mmTee, Croci, Braghe 250 – 400 mm
Standard Voltage
Power Consumption
400 V 3 ph. – 50 Hz
11 kW – 15 A
Standard Machine Composition: Kg cm
Basic Machine with CNC control board and printer
970 200x130x200h
Two Pivoting Clamps d.  500 mm
Metric Reducing Rings for pivoting clamps (4 inserts per size)  d.  250,280,315,355, 400, 450 mm                            
Electric Facing tool with reducing gear and safety switch
PTFE coated Heating Mirror with electronic thermostat
Packaging according to ispm 15
Accessories on request:
Right or Left Fittings Clamp for short spigot fittings d. 500 and reduction ( 2 inserts per size) d. 250 – 450 mm
 Stub Device Range                   d. 250-500 mm.
Tees 90° Device                        d. 400 mm and reductions ( 6  inserts per size) d. 250 – 400 mm
Additional Clamps for Crosses  d. 400 mm and reductions ( 2 inserts per size)  d. 250 – 400 mm
Tees 45° and 60°  Device         d.. 400 mm and reductions ( 4 inserts per size)  d.250 – 400 mm

All the technical data might be changed without notice


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