The Vertical Device it is an accessory that installed on our sheet welding machine let a 90° welding of two sheets. The sheet is clamped and kept in the correct position by a set of suction cups. The device can be easily assembled and removed on the machine and let you reduce the processing time in spite of other welding procedure. Furthermore the sheet butt welding is more reliable than other welding technologies. The Vertical Device can be supplied together or after the purchase of the sheet welding machine and it is available only for these models:


SLG 2000    
Wall Thickness Range* 2-30 mm (PVDF, PE & PP) , 2-10 mm (PVC)
SLG 3000  
Wall Thickness Range* 3-30 mm (PVDF, PE & PP) , 3-10 mm (PVC)
SLG 4000  
Wall Thickness Range*   3-30 mm (PVDF, PE & PP) , 3-10 mm (PVC)
SL 3000 PLUS    
Wall Thickness Range*   5-30 mm (PVDF, PE & PP) , 5-16 mm (PVC)
* Value calculated as per current DVS norm

Vertical device