CNC-controlled hydraulically operated welding machine suitable for butt welding of plastic sheets. Unlike compressed air controlled equipment this hydraulic unit allows for a more progressive welding pressure curve as well as the fine tuning. Therefore, the welding values specified by “DVS” and other international standards can be achieved and maintained in a smooth , precise way. Welding cycle automatically controlled by setting up few parameters. Machine prints and records all the welding parameters. Weld database can be stored to USB flash memory for further analysis with our freely available software Memoplan. The heating sword movements are pneumatic operated in view to reduce the removal time during the welding cycle. The sheet supports can be easily removed and the external hook of the clamp can be lifted at the end of welding cycle to pull out the welded sheets.
Movable pedal controls and easily accessible controls let the operator to smooth the way for welding operations.

SL 3000 STD

Wall Thickness Range*   3-30 mm (PVDF, PE & PP) , 3-10 mm (PVC)
Width Range* Up to 3000mm
Minimum welding area* 1000mm x 3mm
Voltage Standard** 400 V – 3 phases – 50Hz
Power Consumption 6,3 KW – 16 A
Overall Dimensions 4300x800x1100h mm
Weight 2000 Kgs.
* Value calculated as per current DVS norm
* * Available for other Voltage standards

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