Pipes Scrapers designed for the preparation of the pipe welding by electric coupling.
Made of light alloy, these raschiatubi are practical and easy to handle. A particular device allows to adjust the length of the pipe part from scrape, depending on the needs.
The models ERT are fastened directly on the pipe wall: in this way the thickness of the metal removal remains constant even in case of tube ovalized.
Sliding is guaranteed by the support on sealed bearings;
thanks to the worm, the drive of the raschiatubi via rotation triggers the automatic advancement of the blade and then the elimination of the layer of material oxidized by atmospheric agents.

Available Models:
ERT Mini


The smallest model of the series, allows you to scrape tubes with inner hole of 27 mm diameter and up.
Indicative Range           d. 40 – 160mm
Chip Thickness              0,2mm
Maximum Stroke          105mm
Thickness Max Pipe     23mm
Minimum Bore Pipe    27mm
Weight                            1,5 Kg

ERT 355-V


New model, equipped with an additional feature.
This allows the pipe scraper be shortened and therefore to vary its stroke.
Ideal for scraping fittings / fittings with short spigot available.
Indicative Range           d. 110 – 355mm
Chip Thickness              0,2mm
Maximum Stroke          160mm
Minimum Stroke            50mm
Thickness Max Pipe       40mm
Minimum Bore Pipe      80mm
Weight                             4,7 Kg



The largest of the family, allows you to scrape all the pipes up to d. 500 mm
Indicative Range           d. 110 – 500mm
Chip Thickness              0,2mm
Maximum Stroke          210mm
Thickness Max Pipe    57mm
Minimum Bore Pipe    80mm
Weight                           6,0 Kg