Hydraulic operated butt welding machines suitable for PE,PP and other thermoplastic materials pipes and fittings.
Improved version of the standard PT models ,these machines include the following additional features :

  • Hydraulic operated main clamps including also the hydraulic locking and unlocking
  • Each clamps can be operated individually
  • Basic machine include hydraulic operated side rollers making operations easier
  • Crane with electric hoist to facilitate the operation necessary for the welding cycle can be provide on request
  • Hydraulic unit mounted on wheels to facilitate operations on site and with LDU (Data Logger) support

Machine produced and duly tested in compliance with regulations in force (CE safety rules)



PT 1600 HR

Models Available:

PT 1000 HR
PT 1200 HR
PT 1600 HR
PT 2000 HR
Ø   630-1000 mm
Ø   630-1200 mm
Ø 1000-1600 mm
Ø 1000-2000 mm