The LDU printing data machines have been designed and constructed for the measurement of the butt welding parameters of PE 80,PE 100 , PP and PVDF pipes and fittings.
Besides the control function, the printing data machine gives a help to the operator during all the working phases showing on the display and advising by acoustic signal the pressure and the time to be achieved during all the cycle welding phases.
The heating mirror temperature , once the operator has set up all the pipe’s parameters, is controlled by the computer according to the material and the wall thickness.
The possibility to print in advance all the welding parameters helps the operator avoiding the use of the welding tables.
At the end of the welding a final printing allows the operator to check if the welding cycle has been done correctly.


LDUTechnical Data LDU Plus
Power                                                                           230 V +/- 20% . 50/60 Hz +/- 10%
Consumption                                                              30 W (IP54 with cover)
Maximum Working Pressure                                  0 -160 bar ( 250 Bar with PT IPS)
Working temperature range                                   -20°C ….+70*C
Maximum working humidity level                         95% without condensate
Dimensions , Weight                                                 340 x 180 x190 mm , 5 Kg.
Welding standard available                                     DVS,UNI,WIS, etc.…


LDU Plus
main frame with wheels , trolleys arm , mechanical stabilizers
the data logger machine is composed by:

  • data logger  with plastic cover for ip 54
  • i button probe
  • iso 12176-3 standard
  • software memoplan 1 data transfer
  • unit power supply with buffer battery
  • usb device cable
  • pressure measurement device with cable
  • heating mirror/ldu connecting cable
  • box for cables


  • printer
  • ldu support
  • usb host cable
  • pen drive
  • i button for welders data memory with plastic coloured support
  • gps for welding position identification
  • serial cable
  • eye probe with cable for different machines ( no its-tecnodue
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