Tecnodue was created more or less thirty years ago by two friends, Lele and Claudio, driven by a common desire to improve their lives and fulfill their potential began thinking of leaving the security of their jobs to realize their dream of starting their own business.

They are animated by clear and strong ideas: they think that the market for Polyethylene pipelines will grow exponentially in the following years and so the need for welding equipment. In few years the dream becomes reality: in a small workshop they start to produce the first machines focusing on quality and reliability, treasuring by their mistakes and gaining experience each day.

These choices pay off and in just a few years the Tecnodue brand becomes a household name on the Italian market.

In 1988, Claudio and Lele (the two friends), have yet another key idea.
They realize that in order to achieve similar success in the international arena, they must seek help
from an expert. The partnership with the export marketer ITS Ital Trade Services is thus born.

Sales both in Italy and abroad soar and so does the customers’ trust in the Tecnodue products. Today, Tecnodue is the undisputed world leader based on product selection.

Tecnodue production is characterized by innovative ideas and the capacity to fit the needs of customer and the last technical innovation, maintaining always the same old flexibility.

Tecnodue,  nowadays, employs  more or less 50 workers on a covered working area of  5.000 square meters.

The production plant is divided into a precision mechanical workshop where the main part of the machine production is achieved, a technical department for the design and technical control, an assembling department, warehouse, logistic department, etc.

In addition to the wide range of standard machine, we produce special machine for the specific needs of our customer.

Tecnodue is the producer of the bigger butt welding machine for trench use that has never been produced: PT 3000.

Lele e Claudio

The Tecnodue founders Claudio Bordin and Lele Pantano