Special PTs

PT 500 CAR

PT 500 CAR

SPECIAL welding machine pt 500 car Features Wheeled construction site welding machine, for butt welding of pipes and fittings in PE, PP, PVDF and other thermoplastic materials from d. 200 to d. 500mm. It is equipped with pivoted vices, stabilizers, plate and cutter that can be rotated with a lightening system and slide on a chromed rod. The…

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SPECIAL PT…HR welding machine Features The PT “HR” series welding machines are equipped with accessories that make work on site easier and more comfortable: vices equipped with hydraulic cylinders for opening/closing the upper jaws and hydraulic cylinders for locking /unlocking the tube. The vices can also be opened and closed separately, via the control unit/console...

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PT 3000

PT 3000

SPECIAL welding machine pt 3000 Characteristics The construction site welding machine for butt welding of BAUKU type pipes in PP with a diameter of 3130mm, the largest pipe ever butt welded. The machine consists of: a base frame consisting of two parts between their assemblies (front frame for vices and rear frame ...

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