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SL … Plus CNC

CNC controlled   sheet butt welding machine for PE, PP, PVDF as well as other thermoplastic materials. Our experience gathered over a period of several years in the manufacturing of pipe and fitting fusion equipment , combined with the continuous exchange of information with our customers , has lead to this state-of-the-art sheet welding machine. The only one of its kind featuring fully hydraulic functions. Unlike compressed air controlled equipment this hydraulic unit allows for a more progressive welding pressure curve as well as the fine tuning. Therefore , the welding values specified by “DVS” and other international standards can be achieved and maintained in a smooth , precise way.
Besides the setting of up to three (3) welding parameters (type of material, width , thickness) , the machine’s computer allows for a fully automatic cycle. The end of the cycle is marked by the end at the cooling time. The machine will then automatically release the pressing bar’s hooks. This unique feature allows the immediate lateral removal of the welded piece from the machine. Certainly a major advantage when fabricating pipe or tanks from sheets. Only top quality parts are used on these machines, from the mechanical movements to the hydraulic system , from each piece of hardware to the computer software.
Particular care was taken during the design and manufacturing of the heating mirror due to the fact that the same mirror is used to weld from five (5) mm to fifty (50) mm for PP and PP. Temperature uniformity along its surface and flexibility being of paramount importance.
In conclusion , we fell that the most outstanding feature of all is that this machine represents the outcome of extensive “hands on” research most of which conducted by and with end users.

SL 3000 Plus CNC


SL 3000 Plus CNC

Wall Thickness Range       5-50 mm (PE & PP) ,  5-16 mm (PVC)
Width Range                        minimum  1500mm  maximum 3000mm
Standard Voltage               400 V – 3phases – 50Hz
Power Consumption          15 KW – 22 A
Overall Dimensions           mm 4100x1200x1650h cm
Weight                                  2250 Kg

SL 4000 Plus CNC

Wall Thickness Range       5-40 mm (PE & PP) ,  5-12 mm (PVC)
Width Range                        minimum  1500mm  maximum 3000mm
Standard Voltage               400 V – 3phases – 50Hz
Power Consumption
Overall Dimensions


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